Senior Concept Artist / Illustrator

We’re looking for a versatile and creative Senior Concept Artist to help us build an unannounced project for Blizzard. Your goal is to push the visual development of a new game while bringing characters, creatures, environments, and an entire world to life. Ultimately, you’re combining inspiring art with engaging gameplay while actively communicating and growing on a small team.

Day to day tasks
  • Craft highly visionary character, creature, environment, and prop concepts that inspire a team and contribute to the game’s unique visual direction.
  • Create mood paintings, color studies, and lighting keys to inform and inspire other environment artists and level designers.
  • Create alluring character and creature concepts that draw players in while helping character artists with creating 3D art.
  • Craft jaw-dropping illustration work to capture the game’s feel and enroll others in its unique artistic vision.
  • Partner with other artists, designers, and engineers to collaborate on creatively complex assignments to develop an inspirational art vision for this new Blizzard experience.
Your background
  • At least five years of professional experience as a concept designer and illustrator. You understand the role of the concept artist in the game development process.
  • Extraordinary ability creating traditional 2D art. You know when to work quickly to generate conceptual ideas and when to slow down and polish an image for public consumption.
  • You’re highly creative and an expert with design, silhouette, and structure when creating characters, and/or you’re a pro with lighting, staging, color, and composition when developing fun and beautiful environmental art.
  • You might have some experience working with 3D modeling programs like Zbrush to quickly get your ideas out there to get the job done.
  • Exceptional understanding of human and creature anatomy. You know how to stylize them to create compelling and memorable characters with feeling and emotion.
  • You love to collaborate. Creating epic entertainment experiences is a team effort and you thrive when exploring ideas and working with others.
  • You love games, movies, and animation, and you love dissecting them while thinking about how to take them to the next level.
  • You have a passion for Blizzard games and understand our unique approach to creating art for our game universes.
Send us
  • Resume
  • Portfolio – Only digital applications will be accepted such as a website, blog, or online album. Physical media will not be accepted
  • An art test might be required
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